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Securities Regulation Hornbook

ISBN: 0314238336, Hardcover - BUY

Extensive discussion on security regulations. Authoritative coverage includes registration process; exemptions; corporate recapitalizations, reorganizations, and mergers; market manipulation; liabilities; Securities and Exchange Act of 1934; jurisdictional aspects; federal regulation of investment companies; and arbitration rules. Includes information on how to peform securities regulation research on Westlaw®.

21st Century Guide to the SEC

ISBN: 1592480462, CD-ROM - BUY

This electronic book on CD-ROM presents the complete story of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with an enormous library of SEC documents: Public Forms and Regulations, Fast Answers from A to Z, Staff Legal Bulletins, Publications for Investors, Rulemaking, Commission Opinions and Orders, Policy Statements, Proceedings, and Reports. Virtually every significant SEC public document is available here! As a bonus, there is a full reproduction of the CEO and CFO corporate certifications made during August 2002 in response to recent business scandals. In all, the disc has over 80,000 pages reproduced using Adobe Acrobat PDF software - allowing direct viewing on Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. Reader software is included on the CD. This book-on-a-disc makes a superb reference work for anyone interested in business, investing, government regulation, or the SEC! It is designed to provide a convenient user-friendly general reference work, utilizing the benefits of the Adobe Acrobat format to uniformly present thousands of pages that can be rapidly reviewed or printed without untold hours of tedious searching and downloading. Vast archives of important public domain government information that might otherwise remain inaccessible are available for instant review no matter where you are.

securities regulation

ISBN: 0735524912, - BUY

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